Reggae band Morgan Heritage releases new album after two-year hiatus

After a two-year hiatus, reggae band, Morgan Heritage have released a new album titled,  Avrakedabra, which means ‘surprise appearance.’

“The title was inspired by our love of history. Being that we are students of history, we discovered this word and its various pronunciations throughout the history of time. We chose it as the title of the album because we like it and we feel it represents the new Era that our career is about to enter.

For the meaning, we will leave to the audience to choose, since we‘ve discovered so many over the dispensation of time,“ explained Morgan Heritage while on their stopover in Nairobi.

The album is a fusion of Pop, Rock, Country, R&B and Hip-Hop music.

The 15 track album features recording sessions taking place in different continents and highlights the groups’ effort of taking Reggae music to the world.

Some of the notable names in the album are Mr Talkbox, Bunny Ruggs, Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, Kabaka Pyramid and Dre Island.

“Working alongside legends like Bunny Ruggs of Third World (RIP), Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley was a honour. We hope our fans will enjoy it,” the group added.

The album was produced by Grammy Award-Winning Morgan Heritage and Multi Emmy Award-Winning producer Shannon Sanders.