Sam Nyamweya: ‘Dictator’ Mwendwa wants to damage my legacy

In a tell-all letter addressed to current FKF president Nick Mwendwa on March 29, 2017, an angry Nyamweya claims that “the country’s top leadership” asked him to help Mwendwa

Did the Jubilee government influence the outcome of Football Kenya Federation elections in 2016?

This is the question many are grappling with after former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Sam Nyamweya wrote a stinging letter to Nick Mwendwa as if to remind him of his role in his election.

In a tell-all letter addressed to current FKF president Nick Mwendwa on March 29, 2017, an angry Nyamweya claims that “the country’s top leadership” asked him to help Mwendwa.

“Lest you forget, I was approached by the top leadership in this country to give you support when you won… I know that you seriously require my support going by the way you are running football in the country…” reads the letter in part.

The letter further reads: “Remember when you lost during inclusive football elections in 2011 as a member of Team Nyamweya? I gave you an opportunity to serve as TMS Manager despite the fact that there were many other qualified Kenyans who could take up that position.”

Mwendwa, while confirming receipt of the letter, dismissed Nyamweya as an old man who has lost touch and sense of time and “should return to the village”.

“Ni nini hiyo Nyamweya aliandika?” posed Mwendwa.

“Seriously, hizo vitu anaongea ni za kushangaza sana coming from an old man like him. Nyamweya should go home. Anafaa kuenda kulima ushago na wajukuu wake. Why is Nyamweya still hanging around football at this age?” Mwendwa wondered.

Nyamweya went on to describe the decision by the federation to suspend him for 10 years

— from all footballing matters

— as an act of impunity and disrespect to senior citizens.

He wrote: “You are aware that President Mwai Kibaki bestowed on me state honour of Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS) for my hard work and service to football and you cannot take that lightly, neither can you take it away.”

Recently, FKF Chief Executive Officer Robert Muthomi while referring to a NEC meeting held on March 21, 2016 announced the decision to suspend Nyamweya for a period of ten years. Muthomi in writing communicated the decision to Nyamweya stating that:

“That contrary to the statutes of FIFA, CAF and FKF you have lodged a case against FKF in an ordinary court and therefore are in violation of article 13 (f) of the FKF constitution.

Your petition no. 59 of 2017 filed in the High Court in Kenya at Nairobi seeks to stop the federation from carrying out its mandate in the management and promotion of football in the country.

That on your own written admission illegally withdrew a sum of Kenya Shillings Two Million Five Hundred Thousand (Sh2,500,00) which was in a federation account and which was destined for FKF Aberdares branch.”

According to Mwendwa, Nyamweya should be the last person to complain about being suspended since during his regime, he made a name from suspending his colleagues, friends and advisers many a time without cause.

“From October, I have been in court seven times over contract issues between KPL and FKF. Then Nyamweya still takes us to court over the same matter.

He also suspended people during his regime and if you remember well, some people were suspended without valid reasons at all. I am not ready to engage Nyamweya. As a federation we are more than that. I want to deliver to Kenyans,” added Mwendwa.

In the same scathing attack to Mwendwa, Nyamweya compares himself to Nelson Mandela and Kenya’s founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta

— who like him paid the price of fighting for the youth and future generations.

“If the price I have to pay to stabilise Kenyan Football is for me to be maligned by you then, I am more than prepared…”

In his reply, Mwendwa says: “If you steal money, are you supposed to be left Scot-free? What will I be doing if we do not follow the law? Mimi nitaonea Nyamweya namuonea nini?

Nyamweya also alleges that FKF owes him close to Sh 25 million an amount, which according to him the federation has refused to pay.

He wrote: “It is on record that I am owed personal money by FKF

— close to Sh 25 million which I have demanded from you in writing many times, but you have not been courteous enough to talk to me about my debt. All I have heard is that you will not pay me despite my lawyers having written to you demand notes.”

This Mwendwa disputed saying: “It was just after the elections that Nyamweya suddenly came up with these claims. There is no evidence that he had lent the federation Sh25 million. He made a journal detailing how he had spent such an amount on fuel while there is absolutely no evidence or receipts to prove this.

Mwendwa went on to say: “This is the same man who was given Sh87 million by MP and Silva. Sh45 million disappeared into thin air, then he turns up saying that he is owed Sh25 million!

For anyone to make such claims, they must have requisite paper trail to support reimbursement. We are paying Sh2.5 million shillings monthly to people and hotels, thanks to the mess created by Nyamweya,” said Mwendwa.