Why Otile Brown is beefing with ex producer

Eddie forbade Otile from performing any songs that were produced by his company

When artiste Otile Brown announced his exit from Dreamland Music Entertainment Company, the news didn’t go down well with the company’s CEO Dr Eddie.

Eddie forbade Otile from performing any songs that were produced by his company.

And now, the Niseme Nawe singer has opened up to what exactly happened.

“I was introduced to Dr Eddie by Jalang’o. He listened to my songs and liked them and decided to sign me on his recording label.

The contract stated he was supposed to pay my rent, get me a car, clothing and food allowance and monthly pocket money Sh10,000 as well as produce my audio and videos.

In return, I was supposed to give him 50 per cent of any job I did and I agreed. But later I realised Dr Eddie went against our contract. He even moved me to his house to live with the family but after six months, I got myself a house in Ruaka, “he said.

“Dr Eddie did not promote any of my songs, my collabos with Baraka Da Prince and King Kaka I looked for them and I paid them. All the gigs I performed he still took the 50 per cent yet, there was nothing he was contributing to my career.

When I refused to pay him the 50 per cent he was mad. That‘s when I decide to be an independent artiste. I have tried to reason with him but he has refused. It is time for him to deal with my lawyer. “

Otile confessed he still performs songs he recorded with the label.