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Dj Sadic and ‘prayer partner’

By Nairobian Reporter | Friday, Mar 31st 2017 at 08:27

Another Kenyan eligible bachelor is off the market, for now at least! Well rumour has it that gospel mix master DJ Sadic has a new ‘bae’ and might we say ‘bae’ definitely fits the ‘Prayer Partner’ bill.

The lady in question is the new queen of Drum, Olive Karmen.

The 23-year-old is a professional drummer and creative artist. The two have not been seen in public together, but a little birdie told Heads Up that the two have been dating for a while now.

When Heads Up, contacted Sadic, he declined to comment on the matter.

Sadic’s previous relationship with Groove Awards stage manager Anne Murugi ended last year.

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