Six ways on how to move on after break up with a colleague

All good things come to an end. Even that romantic fling you have been blissfully basking in for the past few months. How then do you ensure that when it does, you do not become an office vegetable?

Accept it: Sometimes it may be difficult to accept that in deed the relationship has ended. Especially if it was abrupt.

You will do yourself a huge favour by not trying to force things to be the way they were. You will only make the situation worse by doing this and in the end the office space get awkward whenever you’re around each other.

Be cool: Dropping your coffee mug whenever your crush shows up won’t work either. I know, your heart my still be skipping a beat whenever you spot them but please don’t let it show.

Do not let it define how your day goes.

Do not spill the beans: The risks of dating a colleague are way heavier than the values. This being the case, it is therefore prudent to keep the affair between the two of you.

That way you do not have to explain to the rest of the office how you two are no longer an item. Learn to keep personal stuff personal.

Be professional: Your boss assigns you a project and puts your old flame in the team, do not decline but keep your emotions in check.

Move on: Meet new people allow for time to heal both your wounds and be happy. There’s a reason it didn’t work with this particular person. Don’t force it.

Friends? There’s no rule that restricts you two from becoming friends even if you didn’t work as a couple. Once you’re sure that you are completely healed, you may want to consider being friends.