Gospel ya Kenya imejaa Mafisi- Musician Chuchu

I would not want to call them mafisi but that is what they are and may God have mercy on all of them- Chuchu

Hey, I have been fine in the Lord; I just took a break from all the heat and controversies of gospel music. I started my career when I was just 20 and I must admit that I made certain mistakes but the truth is I believed in people more than believing in God and myself.

Back then we were at the mercy of the DJs because they were the only way through which your music could be played. So, I worked with so many producers DJs and artistes. At some point it was not about ministering to God, instead, it was about showing off and giving the crowd a beat to dance to.

I was never in a relationship with anyone in the gospel industry because I did not want to get attached. I had so many friends but irrespective of the rumours, it was just that.

Me and DJ Mo were very good friends and since I was the only lady in the stable so people used to talk a lot. This was way before Size 8 came into the picture but just because Mo used to play my music, people said lots of stuff about us.

Lawrence Thuku, a good friend of mine, played my songs daily till one day he opened up and said people were saying I was his girlfriend. Let me just say that back then I was young and weak lady but I am a different person today.

But the men in this industry know themselves better, they are also human and they have feelings but I cannot judge them. The same men who I would turn down were the ones who went out talking bad stuff about me.

I would not want to call them mafisi but that is what they are and may God have mercy on all of them. Apparently, hakukosi watu kama hao, Mafisi wako wengi hapa gospel industry and that is why unaona wasichana wengi wanalia na kusema wameona mengi but every artiste must decide what they want and that is why I took a break.

I know the people who betrayed me back then are still the same people in the industry. I have learnt my lessons, if I would have continued in that way I do not even know where I would be today.

People need to understand that not every time a woman goes silent she is pregnant or has gone to give birth. The notion that Chuchu has a child is very unfortunate because like every other woman, I would want to get married, have kids and live happily. Not that I would not want to have kids, I am not ready to raise a child out of wedlock.

And for the record, Chuchu is still single and I did not run away with some sponsor, I am working on my music and very soon I will make a comeback.

As narrated to Zack Machuka