Sh1 million Lotto winner now targets sh10 million jackpot

Lotto winner Christine Wali Mwangua Photo: Maarufu Mohamed/Standard.

The newest Lotto millionaire has been working as a house help since her divorce 15 years ago. Christine Wali Mwangua who has five children says that life became very difficult after divorce, since she had to fend for her children as the sole breadwinner.

“Given that I am over 40 years old, I had very few options,” she said. The Form Four leaver decided to take up a job as a housegirl, since she didn't have any specialised skills. Eventually, she accepted her fate and settled in her new role. With the little income she got, she managed to take her children back to school. As much as the job could put food on the table and keep her children in school, her income was not enough to guarantee her the financial freedom she desired. "My has been to raise enough money to enable me retire in dignity,” she said.

Then an unlikely opportunity presented itself when she saw an advertisement on KTN TV for Lotto. “They talked of winners every week and I immediately saw a ray of hope," she said. Christine immediately subscribed and sent money to the paybill number on the screen. "I kept playing for over two years, winning little amounts like Sh150, which I used to increase my chances of winning," she narrated.

“My children were supportive and though they never said it, I knew they were praying for me to win. In fact, when I finally won, my son told me that he was happy for me and told me that my efforts couldn’t have escaped God's attention,” she said.

She watched the show every Wednesday and Saturday without fail. Then her big moment came. “They called me before the show and confirmed my name,” she said. She was then told to ensure her phone was fully charged and on as they would be communicating with her on air. Christine could not believe her ears and the family celebrated together with joy. When she finally got the call, her win was officially confirmed.

She only informed her children and after the family consulting, informed them of her wish to buy a plot of land and build a house for them.

"I knew that working as a house help was over for me. I will use the money to build a house for my family and whatever will be left, I will use to start a business," she disclosed.

She thanked her employer for giving her a job that enabled her to educate her children up to college level.

She says her win does not mean she will stop playing Lotto, as she plans to continue playing and believes that she will one day hit  the Sh10 million jackpot.