You don’t have to be mean

Trampling over others to get what you want is not an illustration of female badassery Photo: Courtesy

I am all for female assertiveness, but I have had it with the throng of women who have labelled themselves bitches. I think ‘bad bitch’ is the second most (mis)used descriptive word on Instagram and Twitter bios after ‘sapiosexual.’ I mean, sure, I like that we have taken a word that was considered negative and turned it into something positive and empowering, but I am unable to stomach this new breed of self-proclaimed bitches. Instead of the unstoppable females with fearless attitudes who are succeeding in life, the current crop of bad bitches are a bunch of prickly, entitled, mean girls who go around treating people like sh*t.

Nowadays, calling yourself a bitch is just an excuse for a belligerent attitude and being hostile to other people for no reason. I personally consider myself assertive as fu*k, but I know the difference between being a go-getter who stands up for herself, and being a classless and immature woman who gets her kicks out of undermining other people. There is a huge difference between being assertive and being abrasive. If you’re mean-spirited and you actually like that about yourself, then you are not really a ‘bad bitch’ in the evolved meaning of the word bitch. You are just a nasty mean girl.

Trampling over others to get what you want is not an illustration of female badassery. Also, real bad bitches don’t feel the need to keep rambling about how bad they are. You can be a strong, independent woman who doesn’t give two hoots about what people think about you and still be a decent human being. Just because you feel like you have made it in life doesn’t give you a right to be an asshole. If you are a strong, independent woman, you don’t actually have to label yourself anything. Just be you.

Don’t let your over-the-top personality put people off and stop feeling like you’re a cut above the rest. Most of us could get a nasty attitude if we wanted to and be mean and condescending to people just for shits and giggles, but we are better than that. Sometimes being a bitch is necessary and even encouraged. But don’t let it define your entire existence and for god’s sake, there is no need to put it on your Instagram bio. Think about the things you say to people and consider their feelings.

Calling yourself a bitch and acting like a mean girl is incredibly immature. If you were truly confident and assertive, you wouldn’t need any label or grand announcement. You know you have become mature when you no longer feel the need to define yourself based on an internet cliché. Like I said, you can be a fierce-ass bitch while still being a decent person. In any case, real bitches are so busy getting ahead in life that they have no time for petty feuds. By all means, embrace your inner bitch, but don’t be the stereotypical mean girl. Confidence isn’t defined by a hashtag or a label.