Gitaru murders: Ex-chief’s son was a known crook - Elder

The body of the 22-year-old and three others were found inside a Toyota Probox

A former chief’s son was among four men who were recently killed and dumped at Gitaru shopping centre.

David Chege, son of former Gitaru area chief and Kanu operative Samuel Ndungu Gatimu, were said to have been killed after a deal gone sour.

The body of the 22-year-old and three others were found inside a Toyota Probox.

According to police, the four are suspected to have been murdered in Dandora and their bodies driven to Gitaru.

Police also claimed they recovered a homemade pistol and two bullets from Chege, a one-time ophthalmic nurse who specialised in eye diseases.

The three others were identified as Martin Musyoka, a mitumba trader from Mwea, Joseph Mwangi Munene, a tout in Dandora and Shadrack Juma Njuguna, a butcher.

Speaking to The Nairobian, Gitaru area chief, James Gitau, said that, “The incident has shocked locals and it is yet to be confirmed what the motive behind these killings was. Police are investigating the matter and once investigations are complete, a report will be made.”

But Simon Ndegwa, a village elder and former ex-army, told The Nairobian that, “Chege was among those who were identified by police and rumours have it that he was involved in criminal activities.”

According to Ndegwa, the deceased’s father, who served in the 1980s later relocated from Gitaru to Ndeiya after he was issued with a piece of land by the then municipal council.

“I have known this family for a long time. I worked with the father of David Chege when he was the chief of this area. At the time, I was a police officer before I joined the army in the 90s and he was my close buddy.”

“These cases are common in this area because Gitaru is the easiest route for thugs to escape as it serves as a junction for those travelling to Nakuru, Wangige, Nairobi and Kikuyu. This makes it easy for criminals to vanish,” he said, adding that Chege’s “wayward ways were well known in Gitaru where he returned from Ndeiya and rented a small house in Rongiri near Kinoo.”

A close friend of Chege’s family told The Nairobian that his “father was an honest person and he served with diligence, the family is going through a hard time and it’s a huge loss having also lost a grandson who was also shot dead not so long ago.”

But a relative countered the claims arguing that, “People should desist from using this issue to tarnish the family’s name. Chege was freed from prison a long time ago and when he came out he founded an organization dubbed Turning Point to touch people lives, he was a good man.”