Six commandments of betting you shouldn’t break

Many Kenyans have taken to betting to make some extra money. Well, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind as you build bet. Remind yourself of these on a daily basis until they become part of you.

Do not rely on luck when betting: Gambling is not purely about luck. Contrary to popular opinion, you will need more than luck to win. Have a strategy and work with it.

Stay calm even when you lose: Many bettors often lose their heads whenevr they lose a bet. Well, don’t bring emotions when betting. Stay calm and stick to your strategy.

Do not bet without a predetermined plan: You always need to know what your overall goal for any betting session is before you embark on it. At what stage do you give up? At what stage do you take home whatever you’ve made instead of re-investing? These questions should form part of your plan.

Don’t go on a revenge gambling session: Revenge gambling means chasing your losses. Doing this usually means throwing caution to the wind and abandoning your strategy. In most cases, it ends in disaster.

Don’t leave your comfort zone: You will find out that you achieve the most success in certain games. It may not be football. It could be betting on horse racing or cricket. The key is to make sure you never venture out of this comfort zone except to learn about new areas. If you are skilled in horse racing, poker and football betting stick with them; you will achieve more success.

Avoid overexcitement: It’s great that you have made a few thousand pounds. However, you can quickly lose all you’ve made and more if you allow overexcitement to creep in. This applies both during the game and after the game.