Woman stabs sister-in-law over a plastic plate

Lena Nafula 20years, being attended to by St. Mary's Mumias hospital Matron Phaustin Lung'atso after she was seriously injured by her sister in-law Photo:Duncan Ocholla

A woman is nursing serious injuries after her sister-in-law attacked her over a plastic plate.

Lena Nafula, 20,  suffered serious injuries in her private parts and is currently admitted at St Mary’s Hospital in Mumias.

Nafula revealed that her sister-in-law came to her house and found a plate she claimed was hers.

“She demanded to know what the plate was doing in my house three months after I had borrowed it. She was fuming. She also claimed that my mother-in-law loved me more than her,” said Nafula in her hospital bed.

Nafula says she tried to calm her down but her sister-in-law rushed for a knife and stabbed her nunu.

“We exchanged blows and when matters got out of hand,  she picked a knife and stabbed me. I started bleeding profusely and was rushed to hospital. I cannot bend,  walk or even stand. I just lie in the bed and breastfeed my one-year-old child.”

 Nafula’s husband, Ken Oprong, said that it was unfortunate but he is happy his wife survived the attack.

“She was in a worse condition. I could not speak when I saw her. My brother’s wife has caused me a lot of pain. She is now in Uganda and has switched off her phone,” he said.

 The hospital’s nurse-in-charge, Phaustine Lung’atso, said that Nafula had to undergo blood transfusion.

“She came in while anaemic. We transfused two pints of blood and she is now much better,” she said.