How to behave on your first day at work

You have landed a dream job and probably wondering how to proceed. How should your first day be like? Here are some tips on how to behave on your day one at the office:

Time: Show up at work on time. You certainly do not want to be branded as the late comer on your first day at work. Your boss may let it slide this one time, but it is definitely not how to begin your first day in a new company.

Mirror on the wall: Now you are expected to be formally dressed but it goes without saying that you need to pick an outfit that you feel most confident in. Do not dress in overly tight dresses that you keep pulling down time and again.

You do not want to have your new colleagues see that on you the first day. This could earn you a nick name you might not like.

Patience in introduction: Do not get tired of introducing yourself. Practice answering the same questions over and over. This way you do not give the impression that you are growing tired of it.

Smile and be confident: The first impression you give your colleagues will remain etched in their minds for a long while before you give them something else to talk about. After all it’s all they know about you. And being new, all eyes are therefore aimed at you.

Ask questions: Not sure what time people go for lunch? Ask? How to run the photocopier machine? Ask. There is nothing more embarrassing than showing up at the cafeteria at midday because your former employer was used to serving lunch at that time and finding everyone busy doing other things. Just ask.