Woman who ‘killed’ cop Brenda’s kid charged in court

L-R: ‘Celebrity cop’ Emma Brenda Wanjiru. Judy Wangari alias Pretty Angel alias Precious Wangari who impersonated the officer

A youthful woman impersonating ‘celebrity cop’ Emma Brenda Wanjiru has been charged in court.

Judy Wangari alias Pretty Angel alias Precious Wangari, was accused of obtaining money by false pretence.

She was charged alongside Stephen Irungu alias Jeremy. The matter was mentioned on February 13.

Wangari, a gospel TV show host of a local television station, allegedly sent cash appeal messages to, among others, celebrities, posing as Cop Brenda. In the message, she claimed that her nine-year-old daughter had passed away.

Some of the WhatsApp messages which were leaked to a beauty forum on social media read in part:

“My Name is Emma Brenda, am 29 years old. Was mum of one daughter who passed on Saturday, single, a cop, I am also businesswoman who inspire women. I love traveling, skating, I love driving on road, I hate to be disappointed and I hate liars and pretenders (sic).”

The messages allegedly came from a user called Emma Wanjiru.

Earlier in the year, a Facebook user called Pretty Angel Wangari posted pictures on Facebook of a young girl, who is not daughter of the real cop Brenda. She referred to her as her daughter and vowed to protect her.

“My daughter you are my joy and trust me I will do my level best to give you the best life, I will protect you and pray to God to protect you,” the post read.

“As you grow, I’m faithful to my God. I won’t let any harm come to you, not even when my family tries to kill you while you are this young. Trust in God and all shall pass. I love you beyond words.”

Further investigations are ongoing and the hearing will be on March 15.

The real Constable Emma Brenda Wanjiru was cast into the limelight thanks to her off-duty sexy photos which wowed Kenyans on social media.