Magufuli criticised for arresting Wema Sepetu

Photo: IG/wemasepetu

Tanzanian socialite Wema Sepetu’s arrest has sparked criticism with some people in government claiming that the approach is targeting people who use drugs rather than those involved in trafficking.

“In this war against narcotics, no one is too prominent to be arrested even if they are politicians, security officers, Cabinet ministers or children of prominent people. Even if it is my wife dealing in drugs, she should face the music,” Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli had said earlier.

Wema Sepetu, Diamond Platnumz, Ray C, Nay wa Mitego and Vanessa Mdee were among artistes who were summoned by authorities for alleged, but unspecified, drug offences.

Government minister Nape Nnauye criticised the targeting of celebrities, arguing that “most of these listed are victims of drug use. They are as sick as other victims of drug abuse; the difference is that they have big names and we all know them,” Nnauye said.