I don’t have a small ‘kuni’- Rapper Prezzo

Drama between rapper Prezzo and his on-and-off girlfriend Michelle Yola took a different twist when they opened up about their sex life.

Last year, the two went on an online war when Michelle revealed that Prezzo was cheating on her and even almost took one of her friends for a holiday in Dubai.

The couple then briefly made up and even wished each other well on their respective birthdays earlier this year.

All hell broke loose again when Michelle went on her Instagram page and wrote:  ‘’No, actually imagine a NIGGA with a small dick cheating on you! He is embarrassing you, showing people what you settled for.’’

In response, Prezzo challenged her whether she didn’t know the size of his penis when she tattooed his name on her palm.

‘’Oh yeah, it was so ‘small’ that she had my name ‘Ngechu’ tattooed on her...it really must be small.’’

When Heads Up contacted him, Prezzo downplayed the drama, insisting that they were very good friends.

“Yes, she said that I have a small dick and I responded, but that does not mean we cannot stay friends. In fact, she was unwell recently and I went to take care of her. We talk all the time,” Prezzo said.