City hustler spends Sh3,500 looking for a wife

Johnson Onunga is from Ahero

A few days ago, Valentine’s Day happened, sending Nairobi men into total confusion.

While ‘cowards’ went into hiding, the brave ones spent fortunes to win the hearts of their lovers.

But one businessman

— not easily swayed by such events

— has decided that he will still get the woman of his dreams on his terms. To begin with, the 32-year-old is working on a tight budget. Sh3,500 to be precise.

And no, it’s not for buying a bouquet of roses, rich dark chocolates or lingerie. The money is for printing enough posters to be splashed in town to attract the woman of his dreams.

Johnson Onunga has been looking for a wife for over three years and still hasn’t found The One. After several failed attempts and because Onunga is not a social media consumer, this ‘very difficult task’ of wife hunting led him straight into a cyber cafe. 

The man from Ahero drafted his conditions, printed and made 200 posters looking for the woman of his dreams. He specified the qualities of he was looking for in the successful candidate. He spent an additional Sh1,000 to ‘employ young’ men who gladly pasted the posters.

Nairobians were amused by the posters advertising a vacancy in which Onunga was looking for women aged between 19 to 25 years, in good health and willing to run a business and a farm. Single mothers were automatically disqualified. It turns out the advertiser is in fact quite serious and determined to find himself a wife. The posters indicated that only qualified candidates need apply.

The man from Ahero insists that he’s fed up with dealing with typical Nairobi women.

“There are two types of women I have had to deal with,” he told The Nairobian. “The first is the normal, everyday woman, whom you court for a few weeks, and then just when you think of moving forward, you find out that she has a child with another man.

“I cannot marry a woman with a child. No matter what happens, the father of the child always remains involved, because their spirit is one.

“Then there are young women who are definitely single, but they don’t know what they want. They are not ready to settle down, so they play around with five or more men. These ones start avoiding you when you try to tie them down,” he explained.

 Since  the posters went up, Onunga has received close to 500 phone calls and started a vetting process that has disqualified several candidates.

“A lot of the calls are from ‘flashers,’ and a good number from men,” he explains.

Of the women who called, some were interested, but needed fare to come for the interviews. So far, it seems like only eight of the callers were serious.