The lonely hate lovers’ day

It is annoying to constantly hear people talking about how overrated Valentine’s Day is

Hating on Valentine’s Day seems to be de ri gueur on social media. The general opinion is that you are a brainwashed moron if you celebrate Valentine’s Day. The anti-Valentine’s Day crowd’s plan for Valentine’s Day is to log on to Facebook to hate on happy couples and commiserate with their fellow, bitter V-day haters about how bullshit Valentine’s Day is. Yes, yes.

We all know how absolutely thrilled you are about being single. You are free from all those lame Valentine’s Day commitments and obligations. Yes, you are enlightened and superior because you don’t subscribe to outdated, narrow-minded views of romance but for the love of God, Stop ruining the day for happy people who enjoy Valentine’s Day. It’s really annoying.

I am tired of hearing people go on and on about what a waste of time celebrating Valentine’s Day is. It is annoying to constantly hear people talking about how overrated Valentine’s Day is. We have had it with your rants about why it is pointless to set aside a special day to honour romantic relationships because in ‘healthy and loving’ relationships, every day is Valentine’s Day.

Your argument that having a special holiday set aside for romance is an example of rampant consumerism and that the only people who profit from Valentine’s Day are flower sellers and chocolate manufacturers, is getting old. Everybody knows that while you say you despise the day, secretly, you just need some love and romance in your life.

A strain of hypocrisy runs through anti-Valentine’s Day sentiments. The Valentine’s Day haters sure make a big deal out of not making a big deal out of Valentine’s Day! You don’t have to like Valentine’s Day, but it is pathetic to hate on people who do. I know Valentine’s Day is difficult for single people. It is a sad reminder that you don’t have someone special in your life.

It is bad enough to be confronted with happy couples in your day-to-day life, but now you have to deal with an entire day dedicated to mushy love songs and obnoxious declarations of love. However, that doesn’t give you the right to make V-day suck for everyone else as well.

What’s worse than bitter, single people who hate on Valentine’s Day are the people who are in relationships but feel that they are above Valentine’s Day. They prance around saying how love should not have to be proven at a given time or on a given day; it should be implicit in everyday words and actions.

They affirm that spending a lot of money on a gift for a loved one is a huge waste of money because it is like trying to buy affection. They think that buying flowers is stupid because they will run through in a day. Yes you don’t need chocolate to remind you that you are loved, but please leave Valentine’s Day alone you snobs.