My boyfriend got me pregnant and dumped me at 19- TV host

Aisha Wanjiku, 25, is the bubbly co-host behind KTN’s lifestyle show. However, behind that smile, is a few years of suffering after she became pregnant at 19. Her then boyfriend abandoned her and rushed back to his ex’s arms. She shared with Cate Mukei how she managed to bounce back

You became pregnant at such a young age. What exactly happened?

Let me start by saying, my child, Lamar Munene, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him to bits. He has changed my life. He is a model and currently, City Walk’s brand ambassador. I conceived when I was in campus and learnt I was pregnant two months later.

You must have been shocked, right?

Of course, I was. I called my mother and broke the news. She was really heartbroken. Being a Muslim, pregnancy out of wedlock is frowned upon. It is considered a shame to the family.

My mother cried a lot. She asked me to transfer my credentials from Multi Media University to Mombasa Polytechnic. Things got worse in school because students used to tease me a lot. I even fell into depression in my first trimester.

What about your baby daddy?

Well, he told me to make a decision and let him know what I decide. That’s when it hit me that I was all by myself. In fact, he stopped talking to me and re-kindled his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

It was so painful watching him holding hands with her and avoiding me, yet we used to spend so much time together. I was in a pathetic state.

You mentioned you suffered from depression. What exactly was going on?

I stopped eating. I didn’t care about anything. My mother warned me that if I stopped eating, my baby would be underweight and I would get postpartum depression.

I had to snap out of it. I received a lot of counselling from one of the lecturers at school. I also stopped caring what people said behind my back.

How was the delivery?

I was lucky to have given birth just when I was a year away from graduating. I stayed home for three months and in 2011, I went back to school and did all the exams I had missed.

I stayed in Mombasa until I finished school and by then, my son was a year and some months old. My relationship with my mother was really deteriorating and so I decided to leave her house.

What was the beef about?

We couldn’t agree on parenting. My mother still treated me like a child. I decided to come to Nairobi to look for opportunities because money was our main source of conflict.  I remember the day I left. I woke up and packed and when she came back from work, I told her I was leaving.

Did you have a place in mind?

A friend from college told me she could help me secure a job. I didn’t even ask her what the job was. I just moved out and later discovered it was an editing job. My boss said he could not afford to pay me, but at least he paid my rent.

I was sharing a two-bedroom house with my friend in Kikuyu. By the time the boss decided to pay me, I had gotten another job as a correspondent for a local media house. At least I could now manage to pay my own bills.

My friend moved out and left me in the house. I managed alone for a while but after two months, things got dicey since my job wasn’t paying that well. I was almost thrown out of the house.

You mentioned that your son is a model. How did he land the job?

The week before the landlord threatened to evict me, my son had auditioned for Huggies diapers advert. That morning, I was called and informed that my son had been picked for the advert. When we got there, we were paid Sh50,000 as down payment.

That was a lot considering I had nothing. Things began opening up and at around the same time, I got picked for a Safaricom advert, with the contract being renewed for two years. That’s how I survived and managed to pay for my son’s school fees. By now, my son was also a full-time model.

How did you end up as a lifestyle host at KTN?

I kept auditioning until I was successful. Before then, I had co-hosted a show on Homeboyz Radio alongside DJ Kaytrixx.

Even when I was broke, I made sure I was out there. Being very active on social media also helped me a lot since I also made money as a social media influencer.

What are your future plans?

I want to start a foundation for single mothers. I have walked in their shoes at a very young age and I want them to know that they are not alone.

How is your relationship with your baby daddy?

It’s cordial for the sake of my son. I have since moved on and I’m dating a Danish man. He is very nice to me and my son.

How about your mother?

My mother is very proud of me. Actually, when I came to Nairobi the first time, she sent me a bed by courier services and later visited me. She even sent me money every now and then till I got on my feet. We are buddies.