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Why Wema Sepetu was arrested

By Cate Mukei | Friday, Feb 10th 2017 at 07:47
Photo: IG/wemasepetu

News that Tanzania’s Wema Sepetu had been arrested on February 4 spread like bush fire.

It was alleged that the socialite had been arrested with bhang, rumours that cops later confirmed in a press statement.

Our sources in Tanzania tell us that the government was after Wema to confirm if she was selling and using drugs.

“They first arrested her and put her in a room for a day to see whether she would show any withdrawal symptoms. Then they went to her house and searched it and that’s when they found the bhang,” said the source who is an established journalist in Tanzania.

Wema was not the only celeb who was arrested. Her ex-boyfriend and top African singer Diamond Platnumz, Idris Sultan, singer and actress Vanessa Mdee and rapper Ney wa Mitego, were also questioned by police.

So how did the police come to a conclusion on whom to arrest?

“I think someone snitched. You see, most of the people on that list - Diamond Platnumz, Vannessa Mdee, Ney wa Mitego and Idris - are some of the big names in Tanzania. Although Wema was caught with bhang, I highly doubt that she smokes bhang. The rest were arrested due to their influence in the country, which is mostly associated with drug users,” added our source.

The celebrities are said to have jointly hired celebrity lawyer Albert Msando to represent them.

Wema is yet to be released.

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