I ruined my body with drugs- Ray C

The past seven years have been tough for Tanzanian singer Ray C. Luckily, as she revealed, she has learnt her lesson.

The singer who was hooked on drugs was on the verge of destroying her life until former Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete intervened and took her to rehab.

Although it was never revealed which substances she was allegedly hooked to, she appreciates her fans who have been there for her.

“Nimeanza kumpenda huyu dada Ray C sitaki kumdhuru tena kwa sumu wala bunduki nataka azidi kunivutia kila nimuonapo kiooni (I’m beginning to love this girl Ray C and I don’t want to harm her with poison or a bullet. I want her to keep on being attractive every time I stare at her at the mirror),” she wrote.