Nostalgia: When Safari bed springs made 'ungodly noises' kwa ploti

Safari bed [Photo: Courtesy]

There were beds and then there was the safari bed.

 It was made of metal tubes and springs. It was portable and could be folded and inserted in a gunia when moving houses at night using a mkokoteni.

 No wonder it was called a safari bed!

Nairobi, being shamba ya mawe, meant the safari bed was reserved for blood relations coming from shagz for short sojourns kutafuta kazi in the city, only for them kudunga hema for months on end.

The safari bed was so small width wise, it could hold one big-bodied relative or two who slept in a single file mgongo kwa mgongo.

When the relatives left, the safari bed was spread in a corner for kids; some slept facing one side, with the others at the ankles of the other kids such that some woke up with the unwashed kisigino in other’s mouth!

The problem with the safari bed was that when a bachelor - they were popular with those-who got married and didn’t upgrade and got inspired to populate the earth like Father Abraham...but those safari bed springs my God!