Nostalgia: Back to school meant buying Bata Prefect shoes

Bata customer service [Photo: David Gichuru]

Back to school was a hectic time back in the day.

 You suddenly realised that on the weekend to opening school, you had totally forgotten about the holiday assignment for which Mrs Mwaniki would unleash ‘six of the best’ on your ‘beef.’

That was besides not knowing where your unwashed uniform was and the socks, of which only one pair half nibbled by rats, was present.

Then there was the last-minute shopping at Uniform Distributors (why is primary school uniform so hard and ugly...with hues not found in the colour wheel?), besides that mandatory trip to buy a new pair of Bata Prefect shoes.

Others whose parents did not squander a small fortune on Christmas would have Bata Sandak, those plastic shoes that felt like freaking saunas during scorching sun days.

Those whose parents were down on their financial luck would argue with the local cobbler who operated under a tree, over that small matter of putting a kiraka on your sole.

Bata Prefect shoes had tough soles and lasted two terms, forcing some to slice the soles with Nacet razor blades for another pair in third term!