Five reasons why your resolution to get married in 2017 will fall flat in your face

Unhappy woman lying in couch [Photo: Courtesy]

Some people were hoping to make strides in their career this year. Others wanted to kick a bad habit. Yet for some, the New Year resolution was quite simple; fall in love.

Assuming you are the latter, you hail from a golden gene pool, have a larger-than-life personality and are endowed with an above average IQ.

The only problem is, gee whiz! You just can’t seem to find a decent mate. Everyone around you is getting hitched.

Even your average looking friends with bland personalities. What gives? The following pretty much sums up why you have been single this year.

Your attitude stinks
You are drop-dead gorgeous; a self-proclaimed diva. You own them bragging rights. And why shouldn’t you? You are God’s gift to humankind.

All the eligible bachelors in town should be tripping over each other to get to you.

But they aren’t! You are not going to melt a man’s heart with an overweening display of narcissism. Nobody likes a stuck up bimbo with an overinflated ego.

You need to drop your ‘entitled princess’ mentality if you want to hold a man’s interest for more than five minutes.

It takes way more than perky boobs and an ample derriere to get a man interested.

You are vain and superficial

You want a man who looks like Brad Pitt and can afford you the plush lifestyle of the rich and famous. Anything less just doesn’t cut it. His character is an afterthought.

If he drives a Range Rover Sport and has a body like Adam Levine, the fact that he loves pets and children is just a by-the-way.

You are dead set on impossible standards such that getting a man is damn near impossible.

There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting a certain kind of man, but you may pass up your soulmate because you were too snobbish to settle for less.

Your physical appearance sucks
You are swamped with work. We get it. However, that doesn’t give you a free pass to put personal grooming to the back burner.

A man’s first impression will be based purely on your physical appearance and you want him to think of you as a sex goddess. Looks do matter.

Your personality is there to give you an edge over competition. It is no secret that beauty boosts confidence as well. Hit the gym and the spa. Pamper yourself and sit back and watch the man fall over themselves for you.

You are looking in the wrong places
Write off the bar and club scene as potential hunting grounds for a future mate. The men there are looking for casual sex.

You are looking for something long-term. The internet is full of creeps looking for an easy lay as well. Steer clear of that too. Stop looking for shortcuts. Go out there and socialise like normal people.

You are just praying and fasting
Ask and you shall receive, right? You have done your part. Now it is time to sit back and let the good Lord make things happens.

I am no expert, but I am pretty sure God doesn’t just drop a man on your lap when you least expect it. I hate to burst your bubble, but if you want a man, you actually have to put yourself out there.