Hiding your last seen on WhatsApp is pathetic and antisocial, period

WhatsApp conversation [Photo: Courtesy]

It is a social injustice that it is the dimmest of the dimwits who sport the latest smartphones. Some people are just not smart enough to own smartphones.

I am talking about all the misguided souls out there who hide their last seen on WhatsApp in an idiotic attempt to mask their antisocial tendencies.

It is borderline delusional! I can’t quite wrap by head around the rationale behind it. I know the culprits have a barrage of offhand excuses handy, most of which simply do not hold water. Let me break it down for you; if you feel the need to hide your last seen, you are a pathetic wimp.

Now, I am not a stalker by any stretch. I do not get off from seeing you online on WhatsApp neither do I get some sort of high from being able to view your last seen.

On the contrary, other people’s dismal lives quite frankly do no interest me. But by God, there is something about people who hide their last seen that makes me blow a fuse. All that baloney of wanting privacy just doesn’t wash well with me.

When someone sends you a message, it is entirely up to you to not reply at all or reply at a time of your convenience. Maybe I am just a callous bitch who doesn’t give two hoots about ignoring people, but that is just the way I see it.

When somebody sends you a message and you are not apt to replying so you resolve to hiding your last seen. It is absurd.

Life is so clear cut and simple it is astonishing how people just want to complicate it.

If you do not want to talk to someone, tell them. Using some god-awful underhand methods to get the message across is just plain disgusting.

It speaks volumes about your character and personality as well. It tells me that you are a devious and disgusting human being who simply cannot be trusted.

Do you feel some sort of comfort and safety when you hide your last seen? You need to grow a pair and learn how to face challenges head on. Retreating into a safe haven doesn’t solve anything

Is there some moron you gave your number to who keeps messaging you and you don’t like it?

Are you contemplating hiding your last seen so as to avoid him because you don’t know what to tell him? Here is a solution for you. Now, I know it is a long shot but, how about the truth? I like the truth.