Jogging my memory during a morning run

Jaffery’s Sports Club is my morning local. This is the conversation I shared with myself this morning:

“Denise, why does it take you forever to get to the track? Today it took you five hours to leave the house and another 30 minutes to get out of the car. C’mon girl, you will feel better once you start.” Alright, I am on the track finally.

This running app is trying to make me feel good. Hmm, it seems that I have done 1km in 11 seconds and burned 97 calories. That rate makes me faster than Usain Bolt. I have got to find a better app. Ahh, two laps and I am getting into my stride.

Feels good but that Chinese woman is talking on the phone behind me. She is loud and confident that no one understands her. She reminds me of Kenyans talking on the phone as if they have to yell to their far off caller. Clearly, she is yelling to China and disturbing my rhythm. Let me slow down so she can pass.

I am coming up on the ‘Black Wall of Somalis’ ahead wearing lovely perfume that permeates the air. Who puts on perfume before working out? I must try it. Their burqas float with every stride. They walk in a line stretched across the track.

The conversation is animated and I wonder if they are talking about me. Some French cities were in an uproar when Muslim women wore ‘burqinis’ to swim in. How silly. If these Somali women would want to wear more sportive clothes to walk in, what would they be called? Burqweats? Their mouths are moving faster than they are, so let me just scoot ahead and out of their way.

Wow, pet lovers are in full effect. I know these stray cats are feeling the love as some kind lady served them cat food – from the store! IYIKES!!! Ok, I said that loud enough because the guy in front of me just looked back. I just saw a dead rat that I am pretty sure was not killed by the well-fed cats I just passed, who have left the rats to die a natural death.

The Kenyans love their coordinated gear. I think they are professionals. Yes! My circular tour of the sportive UN is over. I clocked 3km. I am out!

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