Chinese reli workers steam up cold Makueni

The construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) along Mombasa Road has brought unexpected tidings for Makueni County.

While 'night nurses' were the preserve of long distance truck drivers, today, the presence of  Chinese construction workers has turned the tables along Mlolongo, Emali, Salama, Makindu and Mtito Andei trading centres along the road where the the speed at which brothels are coming up  supersedes that of erecting shops and even churches.

 The scantily dressed girls sandwich themselves between parked trucks from where they woo men for a round or two of 'bed sheet combat' with Chinese workers as prime target

"For a Sh200 shot, a Chinese forks out Sh1000 and if one likes the service he refers you to his colleagues," says a slender call girl called 'Bella Rose' in Emali town and whose ample bosom provides a clear selling point advantage even as she boasts of offering "sizzling hot blinding ecstasy.' 

'Kate' is a chain smoking mother of two college sons and whose hubby thinks she deals in vegetables in Emali from where she returns home with tidy sums, only that it's what she calls 'expatriate money.'

"Our Chinese clients are happy" says Kate adding that she extends her services to African brothers in the spirit of patriotism.

At Makindu town 70km away where call girls don't come from around if their mainly Nyanza and Meru accents are anything to go by. Aoko is from Homabay, Annette from Meru.Both ran away from their abusive husbands.

The situation is not any different at Mtito Andei where a major SGR station is nearing completion. Jones Mwandikwa, a local trader says moral decadence and debauchery here is the order of the day, adding that truck drivers convert the front cabins of their vehicles into lodgings while other amorous and adventurous gangs finish their 'away matches' under the bellies of trucks.

"You will be shocked by the number of used condoms that are collected in this town every morning. If we run out of condoms here, the town will be in a major crisis," Mwandikwa notes.

The positive side of this trade however is known by Emali Chief Michael Kivondo who says the sex workers help authorities in nabbing criminals.

"We have partnered with them to alert us once they notice suspicious criminal elements. More often than not we have arrested dangerous people inside the girls' 'work stations," says Kivondo, who insists that the 'partnership' does not go beyond official duties.