First-timer: I was drugged and robbed in the city

Fridah Gakii Mbaya

I first came to Nairobi when I was 14 years old. I was invited for a free flight by the Kenya School of Aviation. When I first got here, I was so amazed by how big the city was. I later came back to Nairobi when I was a bit older, back in 2009.

My worst experience in the city was when I got drugged and robbed. This has been the most horrifying experience I have been through. In my opinion, Nairobi women are ambitious, strong and hardworking. Even in tough times, they always survive and live though it all. But Nairobi men are cunning.

Given a chance, some of the things I would bring back to Nairobi are the dynamics and diversity of people. It creates a nicely blended culture that unites Kenyans as Nairobians. I would also like to create new opportunities for the less advantaged in the community.

The most shocking thing I discovered in the city was how thieves stole in broad daylight, yet no one really seems to care or bother to stop them. I was surprised to find out that if you scream while being robbed, people might think you are insane.

Kenyan food is amazing, especially chapatis. I love chapatis so much and it is thanks to them that I weigh this much. One word that describes the Nairobi night life is ‘vibrant.’

Fridah Gakii Mbaya is the CEO of Nyumbani Coffee, a local company that deals in roasting of coffee beans and marketing.