Seven easy ways to enjoy your holiday out of office

It is that time of the year again where everyone gets excited about the holidays. You've working hard all year long and it's finally time to take a breather. Here's how to do it, expert style.

Call up your family and friends: remember all those get together you blew off because you were working? Now is the time to make it up to them by spending quality time with them. Hey will appreciate the gesture and know that you still care. So go on that camping trip you've always been talking about.

Hit the gym: Are you those people who drive to work and back to the house and barely have time to yourself? Are craving for some alone activity to boost your personal appearance in preparation for next year's work marathon and deadlines? Good use this holiday time to hit the gym and get in shape.

Volunteer: There is nothing as fulfilling as seeing your kind gesture make someone's face light up. You can take this break to volunteer at children's home or home for the aged. It is important to add the giving aspect to your life. After all it is the giving season, isn't it?

Take an online class: there maybe something you have been struggling with at work and you have always wanted to know how to smoothly run through your day at the office without getting suck. Go for an online class and learn how to do some of these things and come next year, you're a better person.

Get your car serviced: You know the drill, once you get back to the office it will be next to impossible to get a day off to run small errands. Get your oil changed and brake pads fixed so you do not have to worry about these things again next year.

Get a new look: Why not take this time to invest in rebranding yourself? They say New Year new things for a reason right? Get that haircut you've always been admiring. It is important to get back to work in style. You'll be energised and feel great as you prepare to get back to the office routine.

Bucket list: You've always wanted to swim with the dolphins and deep sea dive. Take this time of the year to reduce some of the lists in your bucket list. You do not want to be too engaged with work that you burn out while at it. You do not want to be too old to do some of these things on your list either!

All in all ensure you enjoy your holiday to the maximum, however responsibly. Happy Holidays.