Miss Tanzania not happy that Kenya won the Miss Africa crown


Miss Tanzania, Diana Edwards, is not happy that Kenya won the Miss Africa crown.

She claims that she was disappointed to find out that Miss Kenya, Evelyne Njambi, whom she thought was a close friend, had “stabbed her in the back.”

Diana who presented a documentary titled Maasai Dondosha Wembe on FGM, took position 24, though she claims she was to get the number one slot for Beauty With Purpose, until Miss Kenya complained she did the same project.

“I am not happy with what she did. I asked her if she knew a Kenyan designer I wanted to use, but she denied, yet she has worn some of his designs. So, I wore his design not knowing she had worn it and went ahead to do a photo shoot. All this time, she was fake, going behind my back. She claimed there was need for Africans  to support each other, yet she knew exactly what she was up to,” complained Diana.

But Miss Kenya franchise holder Terry Mungai has dismissed these allegations as petty.

“I don’t understand why she is complaining to the media. She should raise the issue with judges at Miss World. We won the crown fair and square,” Terry told Heads Up.

After many years, Kenya has walked away with the crown.

“There are many instances where we felt we missed out on the Miss Africa crown, but we didn’t complain to the media. We came back and re-strategised. God finally rewarded our efforts,” Terry said, adding that she was really impressed by the Kenyan beauty queen’s behaviour.

“She is very gracious and her report card says it all,” she said with pride.