Lupita gets intimate about her family

Photo: Courtesy

Hollywood-based Kenyan Lupita Nyong’o likes to keep her private life just that... private. However, recently in an interview with Gate magazine, she opened up about her childhood.

The Oscar award winning actress revealed that her parents inspired her for the better part of her life. “I was the kind of kid who didn’t play much outside. I would hide in my closet in the dark with just enough light coming in so that I could play with my dolls. At the dinner table, I would be daydreaming and in my own world, and my mother would sometimes have to say, ‘You are a space cadet.’ 

But my parents still supported my dreaming. And my family, too. I had an aunt who actually pushed me to say that I should audition for the reparatory theatre in Nairobi. If she hadn’t said that to me, I never would have known I had a talent that was worth developing.

Then I got cast at the age of 14 in Romeo and Juliet, and that was my big break in the reparatory theatre there. My mother took me for rehearsals every day after school and just sat in the car and waited for me. If I didn’t have that support, I wouldn’t have been here today,” she revealed.

Lupita said that her relationship with her mother hasn’t changed. She praised her politician father Anyang’ Nyong’o who never brought his work home.

“He wanted to talk about Shakespeare. He would read Othello out loud to us and tell us stories from our childhood. I always had a really intimate relationship with my father, and I feel like I was the apple of his eye, and he makes all six of us children in the family feel like that.

He is a good storyteller, and eloquent. I would just watch him speak to crowds and marvel at his use of the English language, Luhya and Swahili. He was so incredible and I hope to live up to his legacy,” she added.