I was used and dumped, claims 'Salome' singer Saida Karoli

Salome hit maker Saida Karoli says her management used her to get rich.

The Tanzanian singer behind hits such as Mapenzi Kizunguzungu, Kitobero among others, said she is afraid of getting a manager because of the past experience.

“There are good promoters in the industry like Diamond Platnumz’s promoter and manager. Ali Kiba’s manager and promoter are equally good. There are people (managers and promoters) who I fear. Back in my days, I did so well musically but not financially.

They made me fear artistes management to an extent where if I get one today, I must scrutinise him well – just to know how the artistes that he manages are faring. My stage name is bigger than what I own. I was used.

I was hurt since the beginning. I got very little from album sales of my music. If journalists can visit my place and see the deplorable condition I live in, Tanzanians would open their eyes,” Karoli said

Saida Karoli’s music still lives on as it was recently reincarnated after Diamond Platnumz released a cover of her popular song Salome from which she will get 25 per cent of total revenue.