I made Sh 2.9 million selling Miraa- Police Constable

National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has been vetting traffic police officers

1. Constable Agnes Chebii

The Kericho based officer said she accumulated Sh59 million after only six years in the traffic department through farming and selling second-hand clothes.

2. Constable Samuel Ngatia

He is worth Sh29 million but borrows heavily. The driver at the Kakamega regional traffic office said he accumulated his wealth selling cereals but failed to explain why he sent Sh102,400 to an inspector.

3. Constable Josephine Nyakera

She transacted over Sh7 million through M-Pesa from selling cereals in Narok.

4. Constable Evalene Cherono

Her mobile phone transactions totaled Sh6 million in one year but whose source the Vihiga based cop couldn't explain.

5. Constable Susan Wangari Kamau

Clothes business, rental houses, farming and a joint account with her husband accounts for the Sh5 million in the bank accounts of this officer based at the Kisumu traffic department.

Constable Agnes Chebii

6. Constable Bernard Rayasi

This traffic cop in Kisumu is worth over Sh6 million, but could not account for over Sh4 million of it, yet he earns Sh28,000 with selling beans, maize and bananas as his side hustle. He said he owns rental houses which fetched him Sh 192,000 every two years, but his monthly salary, rental income and farming for two years amounted to Sh 2,876,000, but his deposits were in excess of Sh6 million.

7. Constable Aloise Benard Njeru

He earns about Sh10,000 a month but made Sh2.9 million selling 'mogoka' (khat) between 2012 and 2013. "I have a pick-up vehicle that supplies mogoka to Nyeri, Nanyuki and Nairobi. This business earns me millions," said the Kericho based cop.

8. Constable Hussein Kiya Wario

The Kericho Police officer transacted Sh 2.7 million through different M-Pesa agents in one year with most of the monies going to senior cops.

9. Constable Joseph Lemasho Nkoome

The officer stationed at the Busia weighbridge received Sh 2.2 million in 2013.

10. Constable Sylvester Rotich

The Malaba based cop had difficulty justifying why he received money 60 times from three people in one month. One individual had sent him Sh144,000 another Sh71,425. He received Sh 16,255 from the third individual. "You are a matatu owner and you keep sending money to a police officer on a daily basis. Is this not compromising the officer so that he should not impound the vehicle," posed Musengi.