Beautiful Keroche Breweries heiress, Anerlisa Muigai, hopes to be engaged

Last year, Heads Up revealed the face of the man who has been warming Executive Water CEO Anerlisa Muigai’s heart. But we did not know his name.

We have finally found out who might be Tabitha Karanja, Keroche Breweries CEO’s future son-in-law.

His name is Stephen Kungu.

Does the name ring a bell?

Well, that’s because Anerlisa had captioned a photo of them together on her Instagram page celebrating his birthday. She referred to him as SK.

Heads Up tried to dig up SK’s background, but nothing much came up apart from the fact that he is from Nakuru.

He seems to love cars, judging by his social media pictures. He also travels a lot and his last destination was London, according to his Facebook page.

He does not shy from displaying his girlfriend’s photos and the couple is clearly smitten.

Should we brace for wedding bells soon?

“Well, I wish, but that’s his decision. He has to propose, so I have no answer to that at the moment ,” Arnelisa told Heads Up.

This is Arnelisa’s second relationship in the public eye. Her first relationship was five years ago with actor and former Straight Up host, Ian Mugoya. Anerlisa has never revealed why they broke up.