Stop wearing wedding rings, they are satanic – Congolese preacher

David Bosongo during the interview....                Photo: PKEMOI NG'ENOH

Exchanging rings during weddings is satanic.

This is according to a Congolese preacher in the city.

‘Brother’ David Bosongo of The Early Church of The Lord Yeshua, says that wedding rings are “not Biblical at all” that they are “an attempt to make man and woman equal by exchanging rings and vows which is contrary to biblical teachings.” 

Bosongo, whose preachings revolve around the end days, explains that women ought to wear rings to prove that they are taken, but what is required of men is only for them to love to their wives.

“Even in the Holy book, Solomon and David had hundreds of women each and we are not told anywhere in the Bible that they exchanged rings. The rings from all their women would not fit on their fingers,” explains the preacher, whose mother church is based in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Adds ‘Brother Bosongo: “In fact, people are misled that ring the finger has veins that run all the way to the heart. This is not true. The ring ought to be put on index finger because it is kind of authoritative.”

He also takes issues with ‘saved’ Christians who greet each other ‘Bwana asifiwe,’ arguing that “even Jesus in the Bible greeted people by saying ‘Peace be with you.’

He explains that, “We should use the ‘Bwana asifiwe’ phrase only when celebrating the good things we have achieved through Christ and not as a greeting.”