Nairobi’s ‘most wanted’ chief

Chief Minicah Hamisi Otieno

Chief Minicah Hamisi Otieno is the ‘most wanted’ local administrator in Eastlands. Apparently, the woman who represents Mihang’o area is also sought after by residents of Njiru who want her to cross over. But Mihang’o people wouldn’t let her go. The people, police and her bosses praise her for taming insecurity.

“Mihang’o chief calls me every day to discuss security logistics in her area, but the rest don’t,” said Kayole OCPD Ali Nuno, who accused the Njiru provincial administration and Nyumba Kumi leadership for the insecurity there, adding, “that is why we want Mihang’o Chief brought to Njiru.”

Chief Monicah Otieno, who runs Mihang’o Location Open Forum page on Facebook, told The Nairobian that, “My strength is in proper coordination with security personnel, leaders and locals. I can work wherever I am posted.”

— James Mwangi