I’m the nosy girl with ‘Skandals Kibao’- Actress Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu

Kenyans first fell in love with Brenda Wairimu in her first television role Changing Times, since then she has been an obsession for many, now after a long hiatus away from film and television the starlet is back with a big bang!

For the past two years, you have been off the screens. What have you been up to?

After giving birth last year, I took a break to take care of my baby. I have been doing plays and behind-the-scenes production. I was working on the TV series, Plastic Maasai, a romantic flick that will be aired on KTN.

Tell us more about the film...

The script was actually my friend’s original concept. His name is Kevin Njue and he is the director and writer. I came in as an assistant executive producer and to lend a creative mind. It revolves around two very ‘plastic’ Maasais. I, however, cannot give too much details for now.

The producer is Bill Jones, executive producer is Phoebe Ruguru, director of photography is Victor Ombogo, art director is Margaret Wacera and the editor is Daniel Kent. The cast includes Blake Simpson, Brian Achar and Haroun Risa.

What was the experience like behind the cameras compared to being in front of cameras?
Awesome! Actually, it was my second time, working behind the scenes. My first experience was when I worked on a documentary for breast cancer survivors. It was titled Bedazzle and was aired on my YouTube channel. The best part of being behind the scenes is that I don’t get to wear make-up. Further, the pressure is ‘good enough’.

I hear you are also working on a new project?
Yes. It is a film that is almost completely in the hands of the public. It goes in stages, the first part was asking the public to send its synopses to our website (romanticcomedy.co.ke) by email.

We got an overwhelming response. Next, we will pick our five favourites and an online voting process will begin to pick the winning synopsis. The writer then will be mentored by Mungai Kiroga who has written shows such as Kona and Mali. The two runners- up will also be allowed to help with the writing.

Some characters will also be auditioned from the audience online through a voting process as well. They may even get to choose our opening scene! It is a fun new way of doing film in Kenya, and we are determined to do it well.

What is the inspiration behind the public-driven romantic comedy?
Well, Nick Mutuma and my fans wanted us back together on screen as a couple. We wanted to fulfil their wishes and further, challenge ourselves. We are working on the script and hopefully, it will be released before the end of the year.

Tell us more about the TV series, Skandals Kibao that you are part of...

It is about a guy who wakes up one day and realises he is not who he thinks he is. He wakes up living his twin brother’s life, a twin he didn’t know he had. He now has to get to the bottom of it all.

I play a character named Kiki. She is very nosy, talkative, always gets to the bottom of things; and seems to be fearless, but she is still a little girl. She is a great character to play because she has many interesting layers.

What do you love most about being a mother?
My daughter is called Amor (the Luo one, not the Spanish Amore), and she just turned one. I think God gave me the sweetest baby. Even when she wakes you at 3am, you can’t help but be happy as soon as she starts babbling and kissing you.

She likes pretending she is crying to get my attention, it’s so outrageous but funny at the same time. Plus, her father and her are two peas in a pod!

You have lost all the pregnancy weight, what is your secret?
Breastfeeding! And eating right, although I love soda. I drink about two litres of Coke every day!

Ten years from now, where do you see yourself?
I see myself making more and more movies, short films and series. I want to tell all the stories I have in me, which are many.