Woman demands Sh1.5 million from governor for child support

sospeter ojaamong
Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong   Photo:Courtesy

Busia Governor Sospeter Odeke Ojaamongson sired two wild oats child and took a gubernatorial retreat back into the Governor’s residence without a backward glance, a woman claims.

A woman accuses Ojaamongson (known to Kenyans as Sospeter Ojaamong), of reneging on maintenance payments despite a court order issued by Senior Resident Magistrate Esther Boke on February 5, 2014. 

In her affidavit, the woman claims Ojaamongson only recently paid a total of Sh100,500 via Mpesa, yet the maintenance “now stands at Sh600,000.” 

In February 2012, the court had ordered Ojaamongson to pay school fees and other related expenses for the mimors in addition to Sh40, 000 per month.

“I have even tried to organise meetings so that we can come up with a plan to take care of the children, but he has snubbed every request. Furthermore, he abuses me,” reads the affidavit drawn by advocate Njagi Nyaboke for the woman.  

The woman attached an alleged exchange of messages between herself and the governor from 2011, detailing a battle that has gone on for close to four years.

One text messages allegedly sent by the Busia Governor reads: “Ok. Ua man couldn’t make u pg for 8yrs he took you. Let him prove his manhood.”

 Another affidavit by court process server claims Ojaamongson refused to be served with court documents.

Sworn by Wycliffe Isaidia, the server alleges that on June 2, 2015, he arrived at the Busia Governor’s office where he was told Ojaamongson was in.

“His security officer refused to let me in, even after introducing myself to them and disclosing the purpose of my visit. I pleaded with them to allow me hand over the court papers to  Sospeter Odeke Ojaamongson who is the Governor of Busia County, but in vain,” reads Isaidia’s affidavit.


He allegedly went there three more times, but was not able to serve the governor.

The affidavit was sworn on June 9, 2015.

The matter was to be heard on the same date, but due to failure to serve Ojaamongson, Njagi Nyaboke, the woman’s lawyer applied for a new hearing date.

Senior Resident Magistrate Faith Munyi on June 11 allowed the woman’s lawyer to serve Ojaamongson through his personal email.

“I have defaulted on rent several times because I have had to divert the money I have towards the children and school related expenses. As a result, our property may be attached by auctioneers,” claims the woman in her affidavit.

On May 5, 2015, Ojaamongson was informed through a document that he risks being committed to civil jail if he failed to appear in court in person or through his advocate.