Is this Lupita Nyong'o’s future sister-in-law?

Peter is dating an upcoming Australia based Kenyan musician,
Wanja Wahoro  
   Photos:Courtesy   Edit:Sde

Lupita Nyong’o’s love life may be vague, but Heads Up can authoritatively reveal that her younger brother, Peter Nyong’o junior has found love.

The younger Nyong’o is dating an upcoming Australia based Kenyan musician, Wanja Wahoro.

The young couple has been dating from the beginning of the year and recently marked their five month anniversary.

A totally smitten Wanja gushed over her sweetheart on her twitter page with a photo of the US-based student with a caption reading ‘five months with this beautiful lion cub.’

She is so protective of her man that when Nyong’o Junior posed for a photo with celebrated singer Beyonce, Wanja jokingly commented on the photo that ‘’you are not allowed, I am 10000 doooone” (sic).

Nyong’o is not shy to express his affection for his new found love and like a brand new toy, he takes every opportunity to make sure that the world knows where his girl is performing.

Wanja seems to be in very good terms with her lover’s sisters going by her online banters with Zawadi Nyong’o.

We are not sure if she was invited to her possibly future sister-in-law wedding held in Naivasha last weekend.

Peter was one of the grooms men alongside his famous sister who was also a bridesmaid.