A look at the “prints on prints” fashion trend and here is how you can ace it in style

“prints on prints” fashion trend  [Photo: Silvia Njoki]

Kenyan fashion scene is evolving faster than political parties in this town and the best thing is that many fashion lovers are catching on with the trend, blogging and flaunting their passion for fashion.

It is this kind of passion that recently saw Media personality Eve d’ Souza, fashion blogger Sharon Mundia and top models Moses and Heinnah, get crowned Store 66 brand ambassadors.

That aside, Kenya has a ton of fashion enthusiasts and their recent “unifying challenge” was the “print on print” trend. This challenge saw them pair two prints and style them to “almost perfection”, then share their photos on social media and Silvia Njoki was kind enough to consolidate the looks.

Most people who weren’t part of the trend must have thought it quite hard to pair two prints together, so all they could do was like the match ups.

As a matter of fact, many would have given up on trying the trend and opting for the safer pairings but, you can thank me later because, here are a few pointers on how to match your prints up.

  1. For beginners you can start with the basics, (which most people have probably tried) by pairing your printed fashion pieces with calm bottoms, then once you have mastered that you can advance to the more complex “prints on prints”.
  2. You can then master the art of wearing full print ensembles which basically involve tops and bottoms in the same prints. An ankara match-up is a good place to start because the fabric is easily accessible around here.
  3. Swiftly progress to pairing two different prints and instead of going on a shopping splurge, try pairing what is in your closet first. Try out the florals and prints, tribals and polka dots, and basically any print you may currently own first, and see how they look.
  4. A great tip would be to understand that large prints give the impression of a bigger ‘body shape’, while smaller patterns give the impression of a “lean body shape”. That in mind you can pick what prints suit you best.
  5. The best part is that you can combine other elements of fashion perhaps by color blocking your prints for that edgy vibe. A blue colored print will look great matched up with a yellow one.
  6. And once you have mastered the art feel free to experiment with animal prints which can be the hardest to pair up. It is advised to match animal prints with solids to avoid too much “clash” but sometimes we need to break the rules and have some fun.

After all its fashion!