I slept with her when she was ill- says father

Defiling father64-year-old man who defiled his 16-year-old daughter

As the doors of Murang’a GK Prison slammed on Joseph Waweru, he looked into space in a sombre mood. He had just escaped death by a whisker when an irate mob raided his homestead in Kabirwa village, Gikindu, on suspicions that he was defiling his underage daughter.

The 64-year-old man allegedly raped and impregnated his 16-year-old class seven daughter. Cornered, he spilled the beans to save his life from an irate crowd. “I slept with her in April when she fell ill and was placed under mycare,” he said.

“I was misled by evil spirits,” he begged. “I’m sorry,” pleaded the father who is a staunch churchgoer. Waweru was arraigned in court on July 21 before Murang’a Chief Magistrate Bildad Ochieng’ to face a count of defilement, which he denied and was granted a Sh200,000 bond.

He could not raise the bond. He was remanded in Murang’a GK Prison until August 14 when the matter will be heard. The pupil from Mirira Primary School had missed classes, which raised suspicions amongst teachers.

Accompanied by Administration Police officers, residents stormed the house and found the girl heavy with child. Area Sub-chief, Benard Kagoto arrested Waweru and took him to Kabirwa Administration Camp before he was taken to court in Murang’a.

“Katika Miraa sublocationmambo kama haya ya mtoto kulala na baba yake sijawahi kuona tangu niandikwe na sasa niko na karibu almost eight years hapa. Kwa hivyo, hii ni kitendo ya kwanza nimeona ya kwangu na ndio ya kwanza,” said chief Kagoto.

Mirira Primary School deputy headmaster Lawrence Kariu said they were concerned by the pupil’s changing condition.

“On several occasions, the pupil was summoned by her teachers and denied being pregnant. That is when we decided to inform the provincial administration,” said the teacher.

Five year old nursery girl

As Waweru is remanded, a Nakuru woman is serving a 10-year jail term. This is after she was found guilty of having canal knowledge of her five-year-old son.

Mary Wambui Muriuki said that she did this out of desperation, because young girls were snatching all her boyfriends and she had no choice but resort to her five-yearold nursery school child.

The woman who has two older children and one grandchild said she had sex with the minor out of stress and anger after she was abandoned by all her relatives. She nonetheless insists that she’s still a born-again Christian and hopes that God will forgive her.

The young boy disclosed to the police that his mother slept with him twice. He said they lived in a one-roomed house with his mother and shared a bed. He later developed some severe pain in hisgroin and decided to tell one of the neighbours who took him to Bahati District Hospital for examination.

He was issued with a P3 form, filled it and led police to their home and had his mother arrested. Cases of fathers forcing their daughters into sexual acts are common across Kenya, a new study on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) has shown.

Irene Mureithi, the Executive Director of Child Welfare Society of Kenya says that there is need for further intervention beyond the story. in such cases. She notes that, “The young underage girl has sisters and brothers who still can’t understand what is going on or perhaps even imagine what their sister is going through.”

Mureithi adds that: “Regardless of the fact that it happened with the girl’s father there’s the maternal feeling and the aspect of bringing forth a human being. The decision on whether to terminate the pregnancy or not simply lies with the girl who in this case is a mother to be.

Remember the unborn has committed no offence.” According to the research,about 17 percent of fathers have had sex with their girls. The findings also reveal that many Kenyans (about 49 percent) agree that GBV is widespread.

Recently, Pastor Peter Wambua Kyonge of Jesus Light of Your Life Church in Njiru was arraigned in court and charged with impregnating one of his daughters.

In Nyeri, two girls – aged nine and 14 – were defiled by their 55-year-old HIV positive father. His stated intention was to infect them with the virus. The man defiled his daughters in the presence of his bedridden, HIV-positive wife, who could not rescue her helpless children.

Tears rolling down. The man was jailed for 50 years. They painfully recalled the days when their father repeatedly defiled them, telling them he wanted them to die of HIV like their mother.

“I arrived home from school and found my father in the sitting room. Mum was sleeping in the bedroom,” said the nine-year-old, class four pupil. “I did not expect my own father to do what he did to me. He stripped me and dragged me to the sofa and forced me to do ‘tabia mbaya’ with him,” she said, with tears rolling down her cheeks.In Kilgoris, a middle-aged man impregnated his 16-year-old daughter.

Samson Momposh is alleged to have had sex with the standard six pupil. His wife and daughter got pregnant around the same time and are both nursing babies of almost the same age, alleged to have been fathered by Momposh. The survey was carried out in three regions namely: Rift Valley, Coast and Central. In Rift Valley, 47 percent of the respondents agreed that GBV was common. The figure was higher in Coast (58 percent).

In Central, 42 percent agreed that GBV was prevalent in the area. The findings were conducted by Gender Violence Recovery Centre (GVRC) of Nairobi Women’s Hospital between March 2013 and March this year.

The researchers, however, did not give factors and reasons that influenced their choice of the three regions; ignoring Nairobi, Western, Eastern, Nyanza and North Eastern.

It was established that more men from Rift Valley and Central believe it is acceptable for a man to physically abuse his wife and children, as compared to respondents from Coast.

Pastor Wambua was arrested on June 2 after going underground when it was discovered that he had allegedly been defiling two of his daughters since 2012 until one of them, aged 15, got pregnant. Earlier, Wambua’s wife, Jackline Wamutwa, was arrested and charged for arranging for her daughter to procure an abortion at a Kayole clinic.

She was accused alongside Julius Mutinda, the medic alleged to have supplied and administered the abortion drugs. The teenager had been taken away from their abusive home by her uncle Boniface Mutisia.

Her mother managed to lure and lead her to the clinic where the abortion was carried out against her wish. Just like with the 15-yearold Njiru girl, most victims are defiled when their mothers are away. Wamutwa, a trader, was always on business trips. Last year, a local newspaper reported how a 13-yearold was impregnated by her father in Kwale, Coast region.

The woman of the house was away at the time. Out of 3,000 respondents of the GVRC study, 2015 indicated that it was unacceptable to force a woman to engage in sex, while 270 were undecided about the matter

— an indication of the low level of awareness of what constitutes rape, especially among close relatives.

In January, a 16-year-old girl in Kisumu stunned a children’s officer when she revealed to him how her father, aged 52, had been defiling her. “My dad has been having sex with me for three years. He does it sometimes when he comes back for lunch and finds me alone in the house. Sometimes he forces his way into the bathroom when I am bathing.

He does this mostly when my mum has gone to Uganda to buy things for her shop and insists that I sleep in his bed for three days,” she told the officer after she was rescued from the abusive dad. The girl feared reporting after her father after he threatened that he would stop paying her primary school fees.