I earned my campus grades, Corazon Kwamboka

Kwamboka Corazon

Nairobi’s latest ‘booty queen’ Corazon Kwamboka has been the talk of town since releasing sexy photos starring her sexy curves.

Discovered by Kevin Bbou of Bouart photography, this overnight sensation sent mouths drooling and tongues wagging.

We caught up with the former University of Nairobi law student and learnt that there is more to this upcoming celeb.

We are not talking about her light skin, but rather her brains. She not only graduated with a Second Class Upper, but also joined Kenya School of Law and will be graduating in November, and hopefully get admitted to the Bar.

Is she naturally bright, or did her beauty and curves earn her the good grades?

“I have always been a smart student since childhood. I actually scored an A at Lwak Girls High school,” she says.

Corazon claims she was so smart that a local research company hired her when she was only 17 years old. The plus size model is not worried that her semi nude photos might jeopardise her chances of landing a job as a lawyer: “I’m very good at what I do. I currently do consultancy for respectable clients that I cannot reveal.”

The curvaceous and soft spoken beauty admits she put up her snaps online after an impromptu photo shoot with Kevin Bbou.

“I had just gone to the studio to meet a friend when I decided to do the photo shoot. I was shocked by the buzz they generated, but I will not take advantage of it,” she says.

Born and brought up in Bondo, she says she is planning on pursuing Entertainment Law which is still a grey are in Kenya. Corazon defended the semi nude photos saying that it was her way of promoting self-confidence, and encouraging plus size women to flaunt their bodies.

“I could have modeled with my clothes on, many may argue, but then again that’s my style. I actually want to pursue modelling as a career,” she said.

So who does Corazon go home to after photo shoots? Well, we are also clueless as she refused to discuss her love life despite all the angles we used to squeeze out information. She also refused to say what her family thinks of her career and dismissed allegations that there was bad blood between her and Vera Sidika.

“I have never met her, and I’m not planning on starting any controversies. Let everyone do their thing,” she says.