Mystery of Tuju wife’s lover deepens

                                  Tuju's wife         Photo: Courtesy


It’s been seven months since Tony Ogunda’s lifeless body was found in a house on Matumbato Road, Upperhill, where he had been staying with Cosmas Okoth Opondo, a friend.

In that duration, two of Ogunda’s best friends George Okwaro and Collins have disappeared and one, George Omondi, is in hiding. Now Omondi claims people he suspects to be rogue cops from Nairobi Area want to kill him. But why would someone one want to kill Omondi, and on whose orders?

“I know who killed Ogunda. We all know who killed Ogunda, and we talked about it during his funeral. We said we know who killed him,” says George.

A month after Ogunda, alleged to be Tuju’s wife’s lover, was buried, two of his friends Okwaro and Collins who were also close to Ogunda and were privy to details on Ogunda’s death have disappeared.


  All the mortuaries

“People don’t just quit their jobs, leave their wives and family and vanish into thin air. I believe the people who are after me killed my two friends who were close to Tony. They were killed and their bodies disposed off somewhere because they knew who killed Tony.

“Their families have gone to the police and haven’t received much help. They have gone to the hospitals and all the mortuaries in Nairobi, but the two are still missing,” says George who is a final year journalism student at The University of Nairobi.

George says he received a phone call on Valentines Day from Tuju who wanted to meet him to discuss ‘something’. (Hon Tuju answered the phone when The Nairobian called him on that number). He failed to honour the meeting, and the next day, he received a phone call from a number, 0733 XXX243 that he didn’t recognise.

The caller identified himself as a pilot and insisted that they should meet since he had some business interest he wanted George to help him with.  On the very day he turned downs Tuju’s meeting, a policeman from Nairobi area police station had also approached Omondi’s cousin seeking information on George’s whereabouts.

“My cousin was promised good money if I could tell them where to find me. The policeman who approached him met him at a city restaurant, and he knows him well because they came from the same village.”

George continues: “They told him I was a wanted gangster and they wanted to arrest me. He was suspicious because they all know I attend lectures at the university but had stopped staying at the hostels after two of my friends disappeared mysteriously. He promised to help them find me but never got back to them.” 

At 6pm that evening, he went with two people  to Deep West, the meeting venue.

“The man arrived in a brand new Toyota NZE, which had ‘old’ number plates, KAS 20XX. He had two other men in the car, and wanted him to go and talk to him inside the car. But he refused when his cousin positively identified the man as the policeman from Nairobi Area who had earlier approached him to help them track him down.

When he refused to enter the car, the men left.

“So far, two people whom I trust have told me that my life is in danger and that I should be very careful. The two people are totally unrelated and don’t even know each other. If the police believe I am a criminal, why can’t they come to campus and arrest me in full view of everyone? Why do they want to use women to lure me into their den?” poses George.

After Tony Ogunda died, Nairobi police boss, Benson Kibue termed the cause of Ogunda demise as ‘sudden death’. On July 2, government pathologists Dr Johansen Oduor and Dr Peter Ndegwa said the lover of former minister Raphael Tuju’s wife died of injuries that affected his internal organs.

The two pathologists who conducted the post mortem, found an injury on the head and internal bleeding affecting the lungs, heart and pancreas.

Exhibits including a bottle of liquor and a syringe were collected from the house. Opondo said the two had gone for drinks at Relax Bar on Duruma Road at around 11pm on Monday until around 1.39am when they returned home.