Meet the stunning Patricia Kihoro

Patricia Kihoro
                The singer enjoys writing and photography in her free time.

Pulse: Let’s start on a light note… Are you dating…I mean, you have been linked to a number of men…

Patricia: Really (laughs)? Which ones?

P: I mean, you know better…

Pat: Honestly, I am very single at the moment. And am enjoying it.

P: Besides, you must have a celebrity crush. Can you share the juice with us?

Pat: Usually, that changes from time to time, and at the moment I can’t explain my current fascination with Ice Prince from Nigeria. I also got to meet Eric Benet a couple of months ago, and I must say, I was quite taken by him. The man sings like there’s no tomorrow.

P: What do you do for fun away from music and acting?

Pat: Hanging out with people I care about, doing anything that gets me happy; a drink somewhere, movies and the like.

P: Well, since you left One FM, what have you been up to?

Pat: I have been working on a couple of acting projects. I was cast as a lead in a short film directed by Jim Chuchu earlier in the year. The film premiered at the Durban International Film Festival. I spent a month in Nigeria filming a television show for a new DSTV channel, Ebony Life TV.

P: We understand you are also acting in a new musical series. Tell us about that…

Pat: I am on Groove Theory on Zuku, a musical series. Doing the series was perfect for me. I got to do everything I love, that is acting and singing combined. It was so much fun to be a part of the project.

P: Last year, you toured Europe with some of the biggest talents in Kenya, what was the experience like?

Pat: The tour, Out Of Africa

— A Safari through Magical Kenya, was a musical show involving an amazing cast of Kenyan performers. We got to showcase Kenya’s history, people and culture through song and dance. The tour ran for three months; through Holland, Belgium and Denmark.

P: What new projects are you currently working on?

Pat: A musical narrative called Life in the Single Lane. I am also a part of Motown in Nairobi, a concert featuring Motown songs performed by a variety of Kenyan artistes as well as a series of three Christmas shows at The Elephant over the Jubilee celebrations this weekend.

P: Your acting passion seems to be blotting your singing career…

Pat: Not really. I can balance both. My latest project, Life in the Single Lane, can confirm that. It is the perfect mix of all the ways I like to express myself.

P: So when can we expect a new single from you?

Pat: I think these things have a way of playing themselves out when the time is right. I currently have a song out, collaboration with Calvo Mistari, Loving Wrong.

P: So when can your fans expect an album?

Pat: An album is definitely on the way.

P: Who are you working with and what can fans expect?

Pat: I am working with Jim Chuchu, Kevin Samuel, Bienaime Baraza, Kevin Provoke, Electrique DJs and Dillie among others.

P: Apart from acting and singing what else do you do?

Pat: Photography and writing.