In what looked like a clandestine binge rendezvous, photos of CMB Prezzo enjoying a leisure moment inside the jacuzzi with two beauties surfaced on Pulse and got the town talking.
And there was the self proclaimed King of Bling quenching their appetite with sumptuous prized drinks, that, as they flaunted their bodies with                                                           legs crossed and hips joined.
It looked like one of those scenes usually captured in the Miami’s and Las Vegas’ of this world, where celebrities are usually captured by paparazzi in their private abode, strutting their bodies in the beaches with romance getting the best of them, hence creating such a rich fodder for showbiz writers.
A week before, Ogopa Deejays’ rapper Moustapha, him of the Kupe fame had released a controversial picture to Pulse in which he posed with a nude girl, his arms folded ‘creatively’ around her bosom. The timing of both releases was questionably unique. The two showbiz bigwigs were stealing the attention or, for that matter, running with the big nude photos craze attention led by three socialites; Huddah, Vera and Pendo, who had shown their all, through posting photos of their nude selves on the Internet, some actually displayed on their official social sites. It sounded like Nairobi entertainment was all about them as the media feasted and rode on the controversial phenomenal.
Whether it takes buying an aircraft (ask Jaguar) or joining the nakedness madness, the truth is, local showbiz has suddenly taken a new scale like it would be commercial adverts head-to-head showdown on two competing products.
With Jaguar, Prezzo and Moustapha both releasing their new singles, back to back, it would take something extra ordinary for them to keep on the top while still exuding their ego poised “swag is me” claims.
Beef season between Prezzo and Jaguar may be over but the truth is, this war is far from over. Still then, after the Jaguar-Moustapha planned Kipepeo collabo flopped after Jaguar opted to work with Philo, it is rather understandable that Moustapha had to remain relevant, hence the possible reason he joined the nude campaign.
It also has to be remembered that when the Huddah and the Vera nude photos hype hit town, the two were battling for a chance to represent Kenya in the continental Big Brother Africa reality TV show set to take off this month in South Africa.
Once the dust settles down, all we will be left to ponder about might not so be the nude photos, but Prezzo’s new video LiqHer, Jaguar’s new Kipepeo and yes, who represents Kenya in the Big Brother Africa show. For that is the battleground…showbiz style!