Men send me nudes, says Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree

Rosa Ree.

Pulse: You were the only woman to feature in the Bedroom Remix. How would you describe that feeling?

Rosa Ree: It’s a great feeling. For a long time, people never used to take women seriously, especially in the hip-hop scene. But after a lot of hard work, they’re now beginning to understand and respect that we are capable of doing big things. So I was honoured to be a part of it and to represent all females in the game.

P: Is that a confirmation that you are the best femcee in Tanzania, perhaps East Africa?

RR: Well, I didn’t say that, but if you are, then I’m humbled.

P: You rap, sing and do dancehall music. What’s your style?

RR: My style is Rosa’s. It’s from my daily mood and experiences. The reason I’m comfortable doing multiple genres is simply because I like to explore and unlock new levels of my talent. And when people enjoy the music, it pushes me to do more.

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P: Basata (Tanzania’s National Arts Council) suspended you over Vitamin U for raunchy scenes with Timmy T-Dat. How did you take the suspension, and did you pay the fine?

RR: I definitely wasn’t happy about it. But it wasn’t an obstacle for me. I fought for the ban to be lifted so my fans could keep enjoying my music and also paid the fine. To me, music is my life so it didn’t hurt me having to pay to keep my music going.

P: Talking of Timmy, you clicked so well. What made it easier to work with him?

RR: We had good chemistry and the vibe was just right. Music is about the vibe, so everything was just organic.

P: You have worked with Tanzanian and continental stars who include Emtee, Fid Q, Billnas, Fik Fameica, GNako, Roberto and Timmy. Which other artists are you planning to work with in the near future?

RR: I’ve got so many plans with lots of artistes. Just keep supporting, a lot is in store.

Rosa Ree.

P: You pose and post very seductive photos on your social media. You must be getting very crazy DMs…

RR: I get so many crazy DMs on the daily! People send pictures of their privates all the time. But I also get a lot of love and I’m grateful for that.

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P: What drives you as a young woman, an artist and a known public figure?

RR: My goals and dreams give me the courage and focus to move. It’s also very important to be humble, respectful and never forget where you’re from.

P: To the many young women looking up to you and wanting to pursue music as a career, what is the one big lesson they need to know?

RR: Confidence is key. You must believe in yourself before you expect others to believe in your game. And always grow. Never stop learning new things and growing.

P: Lastly, how are you spending most of your time now with the current corona lockdown?

RR: I’m indoors but still working, hoping this ends soon and things get back to normal. But let’s not forget to keep safe and take the necessary precautions.