Mustapha refused to show me where he lives- Noti Flow explains breakup

Mustapha and Noti Flow.

Eight months after re-heating their love affair, the showbiz couple of Mustapha and Noti Flow has called their romance quits – bitterly so.

The affair hit the rocks at a time when the former Ogopa Deejays singer was making headlines on blogs with allegations that he is gay, accusations he has since denied vehemently.

Noti Flow had defended him on the same before turning against him days before the break-up went public.

Saying that their affair did not end because Noti Flow was cheating on him as some alleged, the Mtaani Dot Com singer alluded that Noti Flow was too envious of other girls.

And speaking to Pulse, Noti Flow called Mustapha a "shameless man" who depended on her financial support the entire time they were together, adding that one of the reasons she called it quits was because he would not show her where he lived.

“I was the one who was paying the bills all this entire time we were in a relationship. He has never given me a single cent. I asked him to show me where he lived just in case something happened but he refused. How do you keep in a relationship with a man whom you don’t know where he lives,” Noti Flow, who is in Coast on holiday told Pulse.

“We even recorded a song together using my cash and even got a gig during the NaiFest event where we ended not performing due to his stupidity,” she said.

“She is too jealous. She wanted us to spend the whole time doing nothing. I could not show her to my place as she dresses skimpily and Muslims can’t take that,” Mustapha responded.