Amber Ray shrugs off Otile links, confirms dating Brown Mauzo

Brown Mauzo and Amber Ray [Photo: @brownmauzo254/iam_amberay]

From late October, Amber Ray has been lighting up Instagram like she owns it. Sexy photos in see-through attire, nudes with petals saving us the blushes, or dressed in all-black and posing with a large black canine are just but a few of the teasers she has been serving us with.

It has been a whirlwind year for Amber and pushing the envelope every new day seems to be her thing. And so when her birthday party came the other day, she decided to flex her muscles and state her celebrity status as she played host to the who’s who in local showbiz circles. She used the same occasion to confirm our fear - that she has been having a romantic affair with Mombasa-based singer Brown Mauzo - who was accompanied by Nviiri to the party.

“Love you like a fat kid love cake @Iam_Amberray,” Brown wrote as Amber Ray complimented back, alluding that her life would be incomplete if she had not met the singer. The love affair between the two has been going on for quite a while but as it seems, things are just beginning to heat up.

“Every moment creates a memory the heart loves and my soul has finally chosen you @Iam_Amberray,” Brown wrote on Instagram, a follow-up message that seemed to have melted Amber Ray’s heart.

“I love you,” she came on, smiley faces doing the rest of the magic. 

Brown Mauzo and Amber Ray [Photo: @brownmauzo254]

On Brown Mauzo’s social media pages, he had very revealing photos of the two at the party, including one where they are sharing a piece of cake, mouth-to-mouth.

Pulse reached out to her and asked if they had gone into a serious relationship – officially.

“I am not ready to speak to the media,” she said.

“When will you be ready,” we asked.

“I have your number. I shall inform you when.”

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Brown and Amber, who has over half a million followers on Instagram, are the latest talk in celebville across East Africa.

Amber Ray [Photo: @iam_amberay]

Mid this year, Amber was spotted with Brown in Zanzibar, getting cosy. The photos circulated in the country immediately and got showbiz abuzz, that the two could have been upto something romantic, since they both were single.

Within weeks, Amber appeared on a very revealing Instagram post sitting opposite Otile Brown on a romantic outdoor date. Amber had come between the two Browns.

Siku Yetu dropped a few days later, a romantic video that featured Amber as Otile’s love interest. It answered a question about the Instagram post, but Brown Mauzo was on the receiving end, said to have been ditched by Amber for another man.

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According to an inside source, a showbiz player who runs brand strategies for a number of artistes, Amber did not ditch Brown for romantic reasons, rather, their business approaches differed.

“Brown Mauzo is a know-it-all who in all honesty does not know much. The whole Zanzibar thing was just hype as she was to be featured in Brown’s (Mauzo) video. He did not see the bigger picture,” the insider told Pulse.

“Otile Brown is smart and very current with what’s trending, so he jumped on the chance really quick.”

This was just the latest episode of Amber coming in-between two people.

Amber Ray [Photo: @iam_amberay]

Faith Makau, as that is Amber’s real name, hit the headlines three years ago when Aaliyah Zaheer, the wife to controversial businessman and wheeler-dealer Zaheer Jhanda, accused her of using black magic to get her husband. Then, Amber was said to be dating Zaheer, who she would later refer to as “ex-husband” after they parted ways.

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“I would like to inform you that I am no longer married to Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda and no one should link me to him or his family in whatever way,” she said, before going on to explain through a question-and-answer session on social media that Zaheer, who was declared a person of interest by the DCI in May this year in a fake gold scam the Directorate was investigating, wanted to be treated like a god.

Other than the association with Brown and Zaheer, Amber has also been linked with Syd. She appeared as his love interest in Mimi na We, a love song whose video was shot in Santorini, Greece.

For Amber, it’s all business.