Battle for hip-hop throne: Five must listen cyphers

Wakadinali, Kartelo and Jones [Photo: Instagram]

The battle for the hip-hop throne might never be determined any time soon, but the battle for dominance has ushered in the season when rappers come together to record cyphers to prove they’ve got what it takes.

Wakadinali: The Rong cypher

The dynamic duo of Scar and Domani Munga needs no introduction to hip-hop lovers with their versatile ability to do hard-core hip-hop, as well as switch to a more ‘pop’ sound. 

Their cypher made a mark in the Kenyan rap scene; you will understand how lyrically rich and shrewd these two really are. Wakadinali are currently the breakout kings in the rap industry having owned the underground scene for years. 

King Kaka: Round 3

The third instalment of the Ole Gang Sequel, produced by Provoke, saw King Kaka feature an all-female line-up. The freestyle features fast-rising femcees Silverstone Barz, Dyana Cods, Tilly, She Flo and Frida Amani from Tanzania.

The artistes complement each other nicely, the transitions are smooth and the beats amazing.

Silverstone Barz is slowly earning her keep in the industry with her lyrical prowess, and given the fact that she appeared in two cyphers at a go is something to note.

On the other hand, Dyana Cods, the recent addition to Zozanation, is cementing her name as a bonafide rapper who came out guns blazing and called out other female rappers. Her verse had no filters and she went out all hard.

She Flo and Tilly are another fire combination. King Kaka outdid himself on this one. 

Khaligraph Jones: Khali Cartel 3

The Khali Cartel series in its third episode is an elite freestyle recording that shines light on rappers capabilities to demonstrate their lyrical prowess. They all come out as some of the lethal MCs of our times.

In this 10-minute cypher, Jones plays a defence attorney in a court setting where the rappers argue their case about the issues affecting the music industry. All the rappers go hard and deliver a solid project.

These series of freestyles have seen a couple of rappers being brought to the limelight.

The first episode, which was released last year, had the line-up of Span KOB, Don Jowlz, Petra and Sagini. It was closely by followed by Khali Cartel 2, which had a rich menu of rappers including Steph Kapella, Twenny Eights, Timmy Blanco, Katapilla and Xtatic.

In this last episode the hard-hitting rapper enlisted upcoming rappers including Bey T, Breeder Lw, Silverstone Barz, Rekles of Ethic group and finally tapped the veteran rapper Chiwawa. 

Kartelo: Madness cypher

Comedian, Kartelo acted as the hypeman in this cypher where he introduced his own gang from Kayole comprising of Lucci, Kiddoh, Ciscoh, MadDollar, Banshee and Dadimchyna.

Rapper Lucci, in particular, left many impressed, including Octopizzo who gave him a big endorsement while taking a jibe at Khaligraph Jones. According to Octopizzo, Lucci is the King of Kayole and he promised his support for the young man, who he said he believes he was the best representing Kayole (Octopizzo’s rival, Khaligraph, is from Kayole). 

31st cypher XI

The 31st Cypher X1 is the 11th release off these cypher series. This episode features Djungle, Kaa La Moto, Kayvo K-Force and ShuKid. If you appreciate real conscious hip-hop, you’ll definitely love this episode.

Kayvo K-Force has been solidifying his spot in the scene from back in the days when artistes like Octopizzo all wanted to work with him. Most of his music fades into obscurity immediately upon arrival.

This cypher is a conscious one and doubling up with ShuKid, aka King Feiz together with Djungle and Kaa la moto, they did justice to the beat.