Are Nandy and ex-boyfriend back together?

Bill and Nandy [Photo: Instagram]

Only months after narrating how she lost her unborn child with ex-boyfriend Bill Nas, Tanzanian singer Nandy could be back together with him.

Last weekend, the two shared a steamy public moment during the Clouds FM Tigo Festival held in Muleba, Tanzania.

With a new collabo, Bugana, already giving the two every excuse to showcase their art on stage, Nandy and Bill Nas romanced each other on stage during their performance, making raunchy moves that left a lot to be desired.  

Blessed Jo sings about temptations in church

In his new video titled Dem wa Kanisa, gospel singer Blessed Jo sings about sexual temptations that men go through silently in church.

The hilarious video that has a narrator acting the theme out is one that sheds light on what many adherents have to deal with.

The video opens up with a bootylicious girl entering church wearing a tight that gets everyone's attention.

Together with singing beauty Vallen B, Blessed Jo released yet another gospel jam, Siri, that talks about sexual sin among the youth in the church.

“I am just speaking about the reality we are finding among church youth in today’s church. Not that I am targeting anyone. We all know that these things are happening in church more than they were before,” Blessed Jo told Pulse.