No conscience as dancehall star Konshens comes to town

Konshens [Photo: @konshens]

When Jamaican dancehall star Konshens goes for his meet-and-greet night tonight, one thing will be for sure, he will meet Kenyan girls ready to show him some love.

It happens to almost all visiting stars who make their stop at the various popular entertainment spots but Konshens’ case might be unique. All week, fans have been discussing his separation with wife Lotaya, news that caught the singers’ fans off guard this week.

However, the Turn Me On star has been sounding upbeat about the Hype Festival Concert to be held at Ngong’ Racecourse tomorrow. He announced that he was excited about returning to Nairobi, but it is the family sideshows that could make this visit different.

Sources from Memphis along Thika Highway, where he is scheduled to make a meet-and-greet, indicate that bookings are high and that tickets for the meet-and-greet have been selling like hot cake.

“The meet-and-greet parties here have always been big and our VIP lounges are always sold-out in advance. However, there seems to be something special about this Konshens visit. The hype is really high and it’s like tickets will sell out,” a source told Pulse.

Among those who could attend the meet-and-greet visit are artistes who will be performing alongside the Jamaican star tomorrow, who include The Kansoul, Ochungulo, Bensoul, Nviiri and Chris Kaiga.

Konshens’ wife broke the shocking news of the break-up with the Jamaican star, real name Garfield Delano, on her Instagram page with emphasis that “anything my ex-husband does has nothing to do with me.”

“I am a single woman. So whatever Konshens does with his life has absolutely nothing to do with me,” Latoya wrote.

She clarified that she was making the public announcement so that if Konshens starts 'behaving single', she would have set the record straight.

“I am not into advertising my personal life online but I need everyone to know this so if and when he starts with the ‘single man acts’ then you all know he really is single and its okay for him to act however he pleases. This post is not coming from any place of anger. Still love…always!”, penned Latoya who, together with the celebrated star, has a son named Liam. The couple tied the knot in a private wedding in Miami.

After the announcement, Kenyan girls kicked up a celebration with some going ahead to tease that men should not bother attending the show. Many are ironically happy that they will be meeting a ‘free’ Konshens, now 34 years old.

Even though Konshens has kept off the separation talk, excitement about his Kenyan visit has been high both from him and fans here.

First, it was Konshens who announced about the visit and even went ahead to announce a dance competition to recruit Kenyan dancers who would join him on stage during tomorrow’s act.

“Singers in Kenya? Like real vocalists? Think I’m gonna do a singers’ competition where two winners get to be my backing vocalists on my show on the 7th and maybe get to perform solo too? And maybe have me produce and release a song for them too? Should I?” Konshens asked.